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MyLibrary 2.2.11 APK

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MyLibrary crashes every time I try to start the Asus reader. This I did with the filesystem on the Transformer. When rebooting this day I noticed the Asus reader crashes everytime: The two files of the demo book Alice In wonderland have the file permissions «-RW».

Mylibrary Lite — Asus MeMO Pad Smart 10 E-manual [Page 62]

I just deleted some directories Mulibrary thought it belonged to uninstalled apps What can I do to restore the filesystem infrastructure belonging to the Asus Reader? Is there an official Honeycomb bookreader with the exact same page animations like the Asus Reader?


Yes I was able to enter MyCloud asuw the Vibe tab without problems. Related to my first post, I already tried a factory reset but alas did not have effect. I wonder if a «Clear Data» under the My Library app in settings would have also fixed this. I have had some cache issues with other library apps before and this fixed it.

Mylibrar cleared the data from my library app and it still crashes when starting the book app. Originally Posted by jte Did a google on com.

Asus MeMO Pad Smart 10 E-manual: Mylibrary Lite

Read it and followed a few suggestion, even threw a few chicken bones. As a last resort I did the unthinkable and called Asus support.

After going through the formalities I was told the MyLibrery server was down. I said «No, no you misunderstand me, the Mylibrary app on my tf will not read the epub on my tf He politely replied that the MyLibrary server in the cloud is down and when it is up within 24 hours, I will be able to read my ebooks. Think about this, I mean myllbrary about cloud computing!


верия The solution is not that difficult for a well behaved cloud app, put the device in airplane mode, e. Last edited by tetrasys; at FYI, I had gone through — fix permissions So you CAN read and get your emails. Last edited by reisa; at Similar Threads MyLibrary — Way to organize, or a substitute?

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